Monday, 12 March 2018

Year 5 and 6 Camp 2018

Last week we had our annual Year 5 and 6 camp where we camped in tents on the school field. It was a great three days of camping, kayaking, swimming, competing, and working in teams! For many of the year 5s, it was a new experience sleeping in tents and being away from whānau for two nights.

We are all very thankful to our amazing parents and Pt England School whānau who took the time to help out in many ways - pitching tents, cooking, security, a trip to the Māngere pools, trips to the Glen Innes pools and many more 'behind-the-scenes' jobs which happened while we were busy with our camp activities.

Check out our blogs later on this week to see our writing about our experiences at camp!

Mr Burt briefs the 'Pollution Police' before getting into the kayaks.

The amazing Year 8 prefects helped out with teaching the Year 5s and 6s how to kayak.

Mel and Arthur enjoying the slip 'n slide. Photo taken moments before Mr Somerville was chased around the field with the hose!


  1. I love this blog post I love when you did all of those fun thing the blog post that I like is when you went to the slip 'n slide.

  2. HI room 10 it is so exciting looking on your class blog and seeing camp photos of what you did on camp. it looks like all of the year 5 and 6 went camping and did all of the year 5 and 6 go camp?
    thank you for shearing you photos on your class blog. from Yolanda.

  3. Hope you guys had so much fun at camp and had some nice food. From Mia

  4. that looks cool and i want to do it again and that was fun and i got
    soap on my back and i lath and i fart and that was super fun that was good.

  5. Hi, my name is Andre from Owairaka District School I am also excited for camp this year. Are tents hard to make?
    This is a link to my blog
    Blog you later.

  6. Great! It looks like you had an awesome time. I wish we could do some kayaking in my school. Apparently we do it at our camp but that's not till Term 4. I can't wait!
    By Tiffany at Owairaka School Rm23

  7. Hi, my name is Harry from Owairaka Primary School. I loved looking at those pictures of you guys Kayaking. Our class are going on a camp trip quite soon and we might go Kayaking like you guys did.
    Was it scary Kayaking in the water?
    Thank you for putting those amazing pictures on for schools to see.
    And if you want to check out my blog just click the link below 😋 😎.

    Blog ya later room 10.

  8. Hi, my name is Lujain im from Owairaka District School. That looks like allot of fun. That makes me feel like being there! How was the food?
    Anyways if you want to check my blog here it is

  9. Hi my name is Lucas I go to Owairaka School. I just wanted to say that you guys are so lucky because we can not do it until our camp in term 4. See you later.

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  11. hi my name is abel i realy love your video about camp it was so cool to read about i hope you make more videos like that by abel.

  12. hi my name is abel i love your songs and videos with the girl in the tv by abel.

  13. I would love to kayak with you but I can't because I'm not at your schoo! I hope it was fun. Did you find it hard?
    From Joel - check out my blog:

  14. Kia ora Room 10,
    Camping in a tent is one of my FAVOURITE things to do in summer. I usually camp at the beach and have never had the opportunity to camp on a school field like you have. It must be pretty amazing to camp at school with all of your friends, teachers and whānau. Do you all bring your own tents or does your school have tents? Did you help to put the tents up? Kayaking looked like so much fun, how lucky you are to have a school so close to the water! I am going to check out some of your writing about camp on your individual blogs and see if I can find answers to my questions:-)
    Ngā mihi